Are you on #teamSass?

Join the movement! Tell the world you are on #teamSass …

It started with a Tweet!

Jeff Croft is known to be in the trenches of standards-aware web design and development. He's also known for speaking at conferences and thinking in terms of "frameworks for designers" and authoring books like "Pro CSS Techniques". So, when he says he's on #teamSass, it's a big deal.

For some reason, on a Friday afternoon - August 19th, 2011 … Jeff decided to tweet the message in the screenshot below and tell the world he was on #teamSass.

Moments later, Nathan Smith joined in on the fun.

And then Jina Bolton confesses that she's to blame. If you're going to be at Madison Ruby Conference, you will also get to enjoy Jina's #teamSass slide (slide image) first hand in her talk "CSS Workflow with Sass".

So, what is #teamSass?

To be honest, we're not 100% sure. Even the likes of David Kaneda, Creative director at Sencha, isn't sure, but he wants in. Side note: Sencha is a HUGE advocate and user of Sass and Compass.

A hashtag in time

At its most basic level, #teamSass is a Twitter hashtag.

It's also a moment in time. For a span of a few hours on a Friday afternoon, Sass lovers united on Twitter to exchange a few tweets to share their passion for Sass and encourage others about one of their most favorite and beloved tools for authoring CSS. Good times.

How can you join?

Simple really. Answer this question.

August 19, 2011 ~ News, Adam Stacoviak