"Sass for Designers", by Nathan Smith

I love how Nathan opens with, "I aim for this to be the article I wish I had read when I was first contemplating Sass but (at the time) did not consider it worthwhile. I could not have been more wrong."

CSS, Sass, Compass

"Where Sass left off, Compass goes to the next level."

Nathan, I'm with you. I too want to know, "who in their right mind wants to type all that?" I just don't get it. It's like working for your money vs making your money work for you.

Compass has certainly proved itself as the standard library for Sass that's for sure. I just don't get why some refuse to use it, or think that it's overkill. I use it for the CSS3 Mixins alone! Not to mention Vertical Rhythm, as you mentioned, and those useful Utilities Mixins.

August 30, 2011 ~ News, Adam Stacoviak