Modular CSS

Applying Modular CSS with Sass

John W. Long

Modular CSS typography

Learn how to modularize your typography to create solid foundation for your projects. Use multiple classes and the @extend directive to create a reusable set of typographical styles.  Read more…

John W. Long

Modular CSS naming conventions

The more you write your own stylesheets, the more you begin to value using good names in your code. Naming is by far one of the most difficult and debated activities of a developer. To many, naming is an art form.  Read more…

John W. Long

Modular CSS, an example

If avoiding nested selectors in favor of a flatter class-based CSS scares you, maybe this example will help you embrace some of the principles of modular CSS.  Read more…

John W. Long

Avoid nested selectors for more modular CSS

We’ve written before about the dangers of nesting your CSS selectors too deeply. The Inception Rule is a good one for getting you to avoid some mangled CSS selectors. But there’s actually a lot of benefit to taking this concept a couple of steps farther. What happens when you avoid nesting for almost all of your major selectors?  Read more…