SCSS, the gateway drug to Sass

Choose your drug wisely. Sass or SCSS? Either way, you are going to get hooked and never write another line of vanilla CSS (willingly) in your life!

The gateway drug

Fellow Sass-lover, Nathan Smith, said it best on Twitter the other day in a response to a number of us "Sass folk" going back and forth about "Sass vs SCSS". This is what he had to say on the matter …

"SCSS was my 'gateway drug.' I now prefer Sass to SCSS. Less typing, stricter indentation."

We're emulating drug dealers

Jason Fried, Co-Founder of 37signals said it best when he said "we need to 'emulate drug dealers' in our products". I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that Sass isn't a "product". Ah, but it is.

Sass is an open source software technology that we would love to have adopted by everyone who is just plain sick of fumbling and repeating themselves with CSS. We want you to enjoy writing CSS again. To do that with Sass, we have to equip you with user-friendly tools (syntaxes and features) to feel comfortable enough to give it a try and ultimately buy it. In the past (prior to SCSS), this was a major hurdle for us to get over. Lately, with the SCSS drug out there doing its thing and getting the CSS kids hooked, "the Sass way" is getting adopted by more and more people everyday.

Sass is not its syntax

Sass is a language (parser, functions, etc.), not the syntax we use to access its underpinnings. In the pre-SCSS days, just over 1 year ago, people thought that Sass WAS the syntax. Wrong. When you touted the fact that you used Sass, for most, it was just for its syntax sugar.

Many Sass users that jumped on-board this train ages ago (Sass is 5 years old, you know) still use it simply because the Sass syntax (white space aware, indented) is more terse than CSS. I think it would be a safe bet to assume that many of these users don't really go beyond basic variable and light-weight mixin usage, or use Compass. That's sad. We'd like to change that. Sass is far more than a syntax choice.

SCSS is the new CSS

Yup, if you're writing CSS you are writing SCSS. Hard to believe isn't it. Why didn't anyone tell you? I just did. Now go read "Getting started with Sass and Compass" and change your CSS writing life. Forever.


Just get hooked on which ever blend of Sass makes you happy, Sass or SCSS. But whatever you do, please don't write another line of vanilla CSS (willingly) in your life!

August 15, 2011 ~ Editorial, Adam Stacoviak