Beginner Guides & Tutorials on Sass and Compass

Frank S

Choosing great variable names

Sass makes it easy to reuse common values with variables. But if you’re not careful your variable names can spiral out of control. Frank S debuts his first article on The Sass Way with some helpful advice on naming your variables.  Read more…

John W. Long

How to structure a Sass project

One of the coolest features of crafting CSS with Sass is that you can build out a file structure that puts all your components in their right place. BUT the question is … where is the right place? Is there a standard way to structure your Sass files?  Read more…

Mario Ricalde

Nested selectors: the inception rule

It’s well known that Sass is an efficient, realiable and precise tool which gives us great power and freedom to make CSS fun and less of a pain to author; however with great power comes responsibilityRead more…

Adam Stacoviak

Getting started with Sass and Compass

So your friend, co-worker, web-buddy or whomever told you about Sass, Compass … or both. Great! Now what? In this beginner guide we take you through the first steps of getting started with Sass and Compass. We walk you through installation, creating a test project, compiling your first lines Sass to CSS and we even “mixin” a little Sass history.  Read more…